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12 Things To Do Before Launching Your Site

Web design checklist: 12 things to do before launching your site

The launch of a new website is always an exciting prospect: you have worked hard for an attractive design, excellent content and a cutting-edge user interface.

However, why is it necessary to check your site before starting it?

Well, it’s because you could miss the crucial steps.

Note that there are still many aspects in plane and track movement. So the more you pay attention to these details, the better.

If you want the launch of your website to be successful, first check this web design checklist. Also, consider hiring a professional web developer.

This way, you will have everything under control before the launch.

1 – Site Security
2 – Prepare Analytics
3 – Usability Testing
4 – Check Site Performance
5 – Back Up Your Site
6 – Cross-Platform Compatibility
7 – Review of Page Content
8 – Meta Descriptions
9 – Choose Your Domain Name
10 – Check for Images, Videos, Etc.
11 – Ensure Legal Pages
12 – Launch!

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