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18 Marketplaces to Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

As the e-commerce market has grown over the last decade, more and more platforms have been established to help you find great e-commerce talent.

If you’re considering hiring an e-commerce freelance developer for your business, it’s important to understand where other business owners are very successful.

Below is an overview of the 18 most common e-commerce professionals’ marketplaces that other e-commerce business owners have successfully hired.

If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur or marketer selling products online and want to sell more without doing more work, we are a platform for finding online e-commerce freelancers and specialists. 

All e-commerce businesses have come to the point where they need to hire e-commerce talent to support their growth and sustainability.

Whether it’s customer service, product listings, marketing, advertising, or store development, all the tasks to sustain a growing e-commerce business are overkill for a single owner.

Do you agree? … just not enough time for the day!

If you run an e-commerce business, the name of the game is to optimize the conversion rate of the traffic that directs you to your site. 

How can I get more visitors to actually buy something on the site?

If your team has the latest established web designers, can update product pages, understand how customers interact with your site, and make the latest updates for mobile use, it will greatly help your e-commerce business grow. Useful.

This is a list of 18 marketplaces to hire a freelance developer for eCommerce website development

Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website
1FiverrHire Website Developer from Fiverr
2UpworkHire Website Developer from Upwork
3FreeeUpHire Website Developer from FreeeUp
4Amazon Mechanical TurkHire Website Developer from Amazon Mechanical Turk
5StoretaskerHire Website Developer from Storetasker
6Jungle Scout MarketHire Website Developer from ungle Scout Market
7GigsterHire Website Developer from Gigster
8OnlineJobs.phHire Website Developer from
9ClarityHire Website Developer from Clarity
10GuruHire Website Developer from Guru
11OutsourcelyHire Website Developer from Outsourcely
12FreelancerHire Website Developer from Freelancer
13ToptalHire Website Developer from Toptal
14Envato StudioHire Website Developer from Envato Studio
15Shopify ExpertsHire Website Developer from Shopify Experts
1699designsHire Website Developer from 99designs
17DesignCrowdHire Website Developer from DesignCrowd
18TextbrokerHire Website Developer from Textbroker

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Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Fiverr started out primarily as a website for design-based projects that cost just $ 5. There have been many changes since they were first founded and now we offer a wide variety of freelancers and design professionals available to help your business grow. From designers to voice-over specialists to video editors, Fiverr is a platform for design-based work.

eCommerce website development
Fiverr eCommerce website development

Fiverr is a popular marketplace that connects freelancers and businesses that offer digital services in over 300 categories. With Fiverr, you can browse your freelancer selection and place an order with just one click. Fiverr’s service is called a “gig”. (Originally, all performances cost $ 5.) Only registered users can buy and sell at Fiverr. Fiverr also offers Fiverr Pro, which offers higher quality service.


Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Upwork is one of the largest freelance markets online, served by millions of freelancers and agencies from around the world. Upwork is so large that you can find almost every service you can think of and it’s a great solution for finding the right person.

Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk) is one of the most popular freelance markets. The platform includes unlimited suggestions, built-in collaboration tools, work history validation, and reviews. Categories include “Web”, “Mobile Development”, “Design”, “Writing”, “Data Science and Analysis”, and “Sales and Marketing”. Browse the market to find professionals and pre-packaged projects, or use Upwork contributors to find the help you need. Advanced features include specific project support, project promotion, project tracking, and reporting. Price: Posting a job is free. Premium service plans start at $ 49.99 per month.


Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Launched in 2015, FreeeUp specializes in Amazon sellers looking for professional Amazon freelance talents and virtual assistants. Staying true to its basics for many years, it now boasts the best Amazon, e-commerce, marketing and web design freelancers from around the world.

Unlike other platforms, FreeeUp receives thousands of applications each week, guides each person through the interview process, and only the top 1% of applications join the network.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) enables individuals and businesses (called applicants) to engage globally distributed employees (called employees) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to perform human intelligence tasks. Crowdsourcing Marketplace (HIT). The applicant’s site provides various sample templates to get the worker started creating a complete HIT. Employees use MTurk to search for assignments, submit answers, and manage their accounts. Prize: 20% of compensation and bonuses paid to employees.


Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Storetasker started and continues to operate as a freelance marketplace where Shopify specializes in helping you design, develop, and market. Their core competency is Shopify, which primarily works with Shopify store owners.

Jungle Scout Market

Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Jungle Scout Market is a marketplace that connects Amazon sellers with experienced freelancers. All freelancers are pre-qualified and specialize in all areas of FBA and Vendor Central, including product photography, listing, list optimization, product research, pay-per-click management, graphic design, coaching and legal services. is. The Marketplace is part of the Jungle Scout Platform, which provides data, insights, and tools for sale on Amazon. Price: 5% charge for all orders.


Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Gigster helps companies create custom software. The Gigster Talent Network will be in development within 10 days from a group of over 1,000 members with advanced skills such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, React and Kubernetes. Please contact us for pricing.

Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website is a cheaper freelance marketplace where you can hire pre-selected and trained Filipino personnel. The marketplace specializes in connecting business owners with trusted freelancers who live and work in the Philippines.


Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Clarity is a community of advisors to guide entrepreneurs and their growing businesses. Search for an expert to find the right one. Set a time for the interview and explain why. Invite up to 8 people from your team to join the conversation. A conference line is provided. After the call, pay an expert fee per minute and leave a rating and review.


Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Guru is another popular marketplace for freelancers, with 2 million service providers, including 500,000 developers and 300,000 designers. Post your vacancies for free. Manage multiple freelancers for the same job in different workspaces. Manage your files, team members, communications and payments in one place. Price: 2.9% commission. However, if you pay by e-check or bank transfer, we will refund you.


Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Outsourcely is a platform for hiring external freelancers with a focus on long-term projects. Outsourcing does not cover part of the employee’s salary, so you have to do most of the work at your own expense. Join teams in 14 major categories such as web development, web design, video editing, writing, customer service and software development. Manage your employees with real-time communication, including direct private chat and live video. Outsourcing also uses a third-party work history verification system to allow employers to view their profiles. Price: Plans start at $ 19 per month.


Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Freelancers claim to be the largest freelance and crowdsourcing market in terms of number of users and projects, connecting about 45 million employers from more than 247 countries with freelancers. Hire a freelancer to work in areas such as software development, writing, data entry, design, engineering, science, sales and marketing, accounting, and legal services. Posting a project is free. Use the desktop app to track progress, monitor time, and communicate. Use the mobile app for messages and updates on the go. Release payments according to your target schedule or pay after completion. Price: 3% of work (flat rate or hourly wage).


Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

TopTal started after the founders worked as a trusted web development talent and were frustrated with finding it. Over the years, they have evolved to become the top freelance marketplace for finding web developers, designers, marketers and even financial professionals.

Toptal, a derivative of “top talent,” focuses on working with freelancers who are experts in the field. Each Toptal candidate must go through a screening process (2-5 weeks to complete) to measure their expertise, professionalism and communication skills. This network includes expert designers, developers, financial analysts, project managers, product managers and more. Please contact us for pricing.

Similar to FreeeUp, there is a pre-screening process and only the top 3% of applicants can join the network.

Envato Studio

Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Part of the Envato network, including ThemeForest and Tuts +, Envato Studio is a freelance marketplace for selected designers, developers and digital talent for logo design, web development, video production and more. Find the expertise you need by comparing prices, portfolios, and community recommendations. Manage your jobs with built-in messaging and job management tools. You can quickly purchase Express Jobs from freelancers and distributors and install them quickly without any adjustments. Price: Envato Studio does not charge a processing fee in addition to the freelancer’s invoice.

Shopify Experts:

Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

Shopify Experts is a branch of Shopify that specializes in helping store owners recruit Shopify talent to meet the many needs of online stores. Set experts, Shopify marketing experts, 3D modeling experts, photographers, designers, developers and more.

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that allows you to build online stores and manage all aspects of operations and growth.

If you’re considering expanding to a Shopify store, hiring someone with years of experience setting up a store for a company of similar size can save you a lot of time and money.

Imagine trying to learn a whole new e-commerce platform yourself while managing other aspects of your e-commerce business. It’s wise to rent it to a Shopify specialist.

Typical hourly wage:

Outside the US: $ 9 to $ 30 per hour

Located in the United States: $ 35- $ 75 per hour

General agency rates:

Outside the US: $ 10 to $ 100

Located in the United States: $ 50- $ 150


website design marketplace for hire

99designs is a platform for finding designers for logos and brand identities, web and app designs, advertising and more. You can choose your favorite design by competing with fixed price packages. You can even hire designers from over 90 skills. Filter designers by category, level, recent activity, and search terms. Price: 5% platform fee.


website design marketplace for hire

DesignCrowd is another design marketplace for holding contests and finding freelancers. The platform has over 800,000 designers. Set up a project package with a budget starting at $ 99 and a time required of just 3 days. DesignCrowd offers a money-back guarantee for design competitions. Price: 4% transaction fee and up to $ 129 booking fee.


website design marketplace for hire

Textbroker is a marketplace for freelance writers. Outsource product descriptions, blog posts, press releases, social media posts, news articles, and technical articles. Add the target keyword to the order dashboard. Create an open order for over 100,000 writers, ask writers directly for assignments, or use team assignments with a select practitioner. Price: From 1.5 cents per word.

Why should you consider hiring an e-commerce freelancer?

Hire Freelance Developer for eCommerce Website

As the freelance economy is growing rapidly around the world, especially in the United States, hiring freelancers for full-time workers offers many benefits to small business owners.

According to a recent Freelancing in America 2018 survey, more than one-third of the United States is freelance, and it is estimated that by 2027, more than 50% of the US population will be involved in the freelance industry.

There are several benefits to hiring a freelancer on behalf of a full-time worker.

1. Freelancer recruitment is more flexible

When you hire an e-commerce specialist for your business, you are not stuck in a contract you have to work with them or in the number of hours you set.

Hiring freelance means that you can work with them as needed for your business.

I have a project to complete. Ask an e-commerce expert to do the work and pause until your next project is ready.

Similarly, if you don’t have enough money to get the job done, or if your business is late, manage your budget better and stop arranging your job.

2. Freelancer can work while you sleep

Most e-commerce businesses run all night and serve customers around the world.

If you only hire full-time employees in your area, this can be difficult to maintain.

When you hire a freelancer for your business, you have access to professionals from around the world who can work in different time zones and fulfill your business obligations while you sleep. I will.

3. Freelancer has no traditional employee overhead

Hiring freelance personnel as an independent contractor means that you don’t have to deal with regular employee overhead: fixed salaries, employee compensation, severance pay, health benefits, and more.

By expanding your team of business and e-commerce specialists, you can save money on investing in other areas of business growth.

4. Hiring a freelancer will allow you to choose from a wider network of talents

If you hire only full-time e-commerce talent, you are limited to people in your immediate vicinity who can enter your office and work from that location.

This can be a limitation. However, this is not the case if you hire a virtual assistant or freelancer for your business.

Employing remotely to launch a third-party e-commerce business gives you access to millions of e-commerce professionals around the world.

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