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5 Best Tips for Super Slow Apps

The app is just one of many things that can slow down the phone speed and feel like an ancient Nokia and can be very disappointing.

5 Best Tips for Super Slow Apps

But know that you are not alone. According to Apteligent, a mobile app performance company, about 48% of consumers will wait for more than 2 seconds for an app to load and then delete or stop using it.

Here are five common app-related issues and solutions that have been cooked to prevent terrible trembling symbols (Road One images) from appearing.

Problem: My app doesn't download at all

Google Play or Apple's App Store is the same as a huge playground for smartphone users. That's why you'll get hungry if you search for a nice app or say "No" on your phone. And throbber loading icon vortex em

Solution: Here are some things you can try. First, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi. In many cases, the phone is set to default so that WiFi can wait for content downloads.

Check or change download settings on Apple devices

 -Tab settings> iTunes & App Store. To update automatically even when you are not connected to WiFi, search your phone data and switch to the on position. To manually update the app while using WiFi, turn off the setting.

To check or change download settings on your Android device,

-Go to Google Play Store> Settings> Auto-update apps> "Auto-update apps via Wi-Fi". Or, if you have unlimited data and want to always update automatically, deselect it.

Problem: My game loads too slowly or collides

apps tips

The game occupies a lot of space on the mobile phone and contains the entire data. Because these applications require a lot of processing power on the mobile phone, delays can occur.

If you use a mobile phone for hardcore games, beat the developer's settings or download a booster app, you can have a little creativity.

Solution: Optimize the phone for the gaming environment (but keep in mind that other features such as battery life may be damaged).

To improve the gaming experience on Apple devices:

-There are fewer customization options than Android, but you can start by closing all background tabs.

 improve the gaming experience on Apple devices

Very brilliant and delicate, but you can choose to turn off graphics that affect game performance. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Reduced behavior.

To improve the gaming experience on Android devices:

-Download DU Speed ​​Booster or Swift Gamer to make your game smoother.

To improve the gaming experience on Apple devices

 -Search for [Settings]> Mobile Phone Information> “Build Number” and press it seven times to enter developer mode. This mode is generally hidden. Now scroll down to find the Force 4x MSAA option and enable it. Restarting the phone and voila is optimized for the game.

Problem: My Apps Are Out-Of-Date

Sometimes if the app is not the latest version, the app may slow down significantly or not work completely.

My Apps Are Out-Of-Date

Solution: Download the latest version of the app that has the problem and make sure that the operating system is also the latest version.

To update an app on an Apple device:

First, open the app store. If you are using iOS 12 or lower, click today at the bottom of the screen and tap your profile picture. Scroll down to check for pending updates and update or press the Update button next to the app you want to update.

To update an app on an Android device:

-Open the Google Play Store, click the menu, and click [Settings]. Select automatic app updates. You will see the option to download the app for WiFi or mobile data only.

Problem: My app is wrong.

For example, this happens when you use most third-party messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Viber. The phone stores a cached version of the app and website. In other words, when the link is broken, the version corresponding to the point-in-time cyberspace used for backup is saved. Also save the data.

The specific violator is WhatsApp, due to Google Maps, which exchanges a large number of messages, photos and videos (which may be removed accurately), and caches maps of places searched and searched in the past Will occur.

Solution: Clear the cache of the slowest app.

On an Apple device:

 -Press Settings> General> Storage and iCloud usage. Then click Storage Management from the top of the storage section. Choose an application that will amaze you. (Hint: If you occupy more than 500MB of the app, it may be necessary to secure space and reduce the processing time of other apps in consideration of complete erasure when not using many.)

📲 Android device:

 -Tap Settings> Storage> App management (some versions)> Other apps> Search for deleted apps> Clear cache.

Problem: My app I did what you said was still early.

The app can be made smaller at the last minute effort. You can compress the file size (think about sending digital photos with text. Generally you will see a message that is compressed before the photo file size is sent).

Of course, if your app has a lot of data, it will be slow. Therefore, create smaller with less data.

Solution: compress, compress, compress.

From an Apple or Android device:

This technical guide, prepared by Apple for developers, is very useful. However, if there is no developer, it reads like jumbo jumbo.

In short, check the size of your app and make sure it is worth compressing, then use it with your code.

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