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5 Smartphone Accessories to Improve Functionality

In this era of technology, not only smartphones but also excellent accessories to improve their functionality. These are necessary to make the most of our phone and to make our experience more enjoyable. Take a look at 5 smartphone accessories that are convenient, durable, and don’t throw away with minimal use.

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Phone soap

Smartphones pick up germs and harmful germs where they come into contact. Research shows that our smartphones contain 7 times more bacteria than toilets. Many people use disinfectants to stay fit. But they forget to clean their phones. Not sure how many bacteria it can contain, they are afraid to use chemicals for cleaning that can get into gadgets and destroy them. Just like washing your hands before eating, you need to clean your phone for physical health.

“Phone Soap” is an excellent phone cleaning gadget where UV disinfectant kills 99.99% of bacteria during charging. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and has two charging ports, USB and USB-C, making it a universal charger. If you want your phone to be sterile within 10 minutes, this is for you. No chemicals, liquids or excessive heat are used during disinfection. The cleaning system even reaches a small gap in the phone and automatically turns off when the job is over after 10 minutes, preventing the device from overheating. In addition to other harmful bacteria, it also kills cold and flu bacteria. The battery is enough to charge up to 4 full charges or 45 decontamination cycles.

Credit Card Holder

Today, we want accessories to be multifunctional and not hold many things at once. Want to make your phone multifunctional by holding a card? You can use your cell phone as a wallet because these are the two basic needs that most people always carry. By installing a telephone card holder, you can combine your mobile phone and wallet into one simple device. You don’t need to carry your wallet with you to leave the gym or party. Cardholders are sufficient to carry supplies such as keys, IDs, credit card holders and cash.

You don’t have to worry about sticky residues on the surface of your phone. If you choose to move it, a high quality card holder will never leave it. In addition, the best companies use RFID blocking materials to create card holders to prevent card theft. Some cardholders also have a lifetime warranty! Prices vary by feature.

Mini Projector

Many people can’t afford a big TV screen at home. But now, you can enjoy your video in larger frames by projecting content from your smartphone onto the wall. Today, there are pocket-sized mini projectors that can connect to almost any entertainment device, including mobile phones. You can also take it on a trip. These can make your family and friends gatherings more fun and can be used outdoors on beautiful summer evenings! Pricing depends on features such as battery, resolution and screen size.

Mobile Phone Strap

“Shooting, where is my phone?” Do you remember this? Yes, most of us have encountered such a situation. We have cell phones in hand, but we can lose them due to our negligence during travel, parties, or concerts. This can be a thing of the past, thanks to cheap accessories such as cell phone straps.

All you have to do is wrap your smartphone around your neck. It reduces the chance of losing your phone and makes it more accessible. You no longer have to look for your smartphone in your bag for a few minutes. Cell phone straps are a particularly life saver for travelers as they keep the cell phone in a place where it won’t be lost or stolen. It’s a good move to spend some money to save expensive mobile phones. They are available online with catchy designs and fresh colors.

Phone Camera Lens

I want to take beautiful pictures, but this is not possible due to the limitations of your phone’s camera. Please relax. Phone camera lenses have been added to stimulate creativity within a reasonable budget. It’s time to say goodbye to the re-shooting of frustrating photos and immediately welcome the great ones. A good lens will widen the frame and add more detail. Keeps the corners of the image sharp.

What’s more, those LED lights will snap anywhere on your mobile phone and will help you illuminate your subject and environment directly compared to mobile phone LED lights. The price depends on the quality. Do not purchase anything that gives vignetting or barrel distortion. These are some features that do not improve quality.

Final thought

We hope you have found the phone accessory that suits you best. These gadgets can also be gifts for friends and family who need them. So which of your best mobile accessories is yours? Are you using other accessories to improve the functionality of your mobile phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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