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5 ways to celebrate National Cat Day

When they do not scratch up the furniture (or your skin), they drop, spurt, snuggle balls of joy.

They probably celebrate National Cat Day in the same way.
But unlike your beloved cat, you only have one life instead of nine. So live life to the fullest or take a question from a cat and lazy to honor man’s other best friend.
Watch cat videos in a big way
Did cats invent social media? Obviously not; they do not have opposite thumbs. But their impact on the medium can’t be overstated – from Keyboard Cat, “I Can Haz Cheezburger” to DJ Kitty, the legendary cats played in videos made to be shared and GIFs would be forgotten.
So honor the internet cats from yore with a kitty video binge. Science says it’s good for you!

angry cat

And of course, pour out one for the inevitable Grumpy Cat, a Chinese pioneer on Instagram who died earlier this year. Did you know her (yes, her) real name was Tardar Sauce? Rest in dissatisfied peace, legend.

Adopt a cat or treat a cat to something nice

Organizers of National Cat Day want cats to find good homes, and this is a good time to consider adopting a cat from a shelter or a pet rescue organization.
Volunteering in a local shelter or donating blankets, pet food and toys are also nice ways to celebrate the kittens in the world.

Have a hot drink at a cozy cat cafe
Cat cafes have been around for more than 20 years, but it’s a timeless concept: While the caffeine raises heart rate, the soothing puree of an obscure cat gives it back – it’s therapy for the cost of a hot drink that’s moving.

funny cat

However, the snuggles are free (but be careful if you pick them up – they are cats with chlorine).
There are more than 125 cat cafes in the United States and 150 in Japan and hundreds more litter like cat snaps around the world.

Many stores use acceptable cats, so if you bring your coffee buddy you may be able to bring them home.

lot's of angry cat

And if you’re worried about fur balls getting into your cappuccino (cat-cappuccino?), Forget it – most cafes keep kittens apart from coffee.

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