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AMBER ALERT: 3-week-old abducted from Clinton, Utah

An amber alarm was issued Wednesday night for a three-week child abducted by Clinton.

The suspect was identified as 25-year-old Taylor Cheylene Webb. Webb is described as being five feet five inches tall with brown hair and blue eyes. The last time she was seen wearing a gray zip jacket and black yoga pants with black and white "Aviva" shoes. Webb has tattoos on collar bones.

Police say he took his son, Aubrey Westfalls, who is in a black and gray baby carrier with a pink and green quilted blanket.

It could be headed for Nevada or California from Utah. The shippers with the Davis County Sheriff's Office said the police didn't have a description of the vehicle and didn't know how Webb was traveling.

Reportedly, the kidnapping took place at around 15:00. The Amber Alert, sent at about 10.40pm, ordered the recipient to dial the number 511 for information, but many people called 2News to report that the number could not be reached. 2News staff also received a dial tone during dialing.

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