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Apple Big Announcements from WWDC 2019: iOS 13, macOS Catalina, and Mac Pro New Updates

Apple Services:

We heard about Apple’s new services earlier this year at an event. There is not much news about services like News + (which are already live), Arcade (which will be released later this year) or Apple TV + (which will be released later this year). This is just a reminder that these things exist and ultimately will be important.

Interestingly, Tim Cook begins the keynote with the subject tvOS, which drives Apple TV sets like Apple TV 4K. tvOS is now supported by multiple users, so everyone can get their own “up next” list and personalized recommendations. This already exists in almost every streaming service, so there’s another layer above it. The new tvOS also plays music> and at the same time shows lyrics, which will be handy with all those Cannibal Corpse songs that I have in my library.

Playstation controller

For Apple Arcade on Apple TV, players can use both the Xbox One and PlayStation DualShock controllers, which is a tremendous development.

 Apple Watch ads

Apple Watch:

The smallest Apple screen receives a comprehensive design upgrade. There are several new faces as well as a “haptic glockenspiel” that hums quietly on the hour or even lets a quiet bird sound like a cuckoo clock.

Apple Watch ads

From the software’s point of view, the watch will shortly be receiving some new apps, including audiobooks, a dictaphone, and even a calculator. The watch has a built-in calculator that has surprisingly often clapped the audience.

The apps run more independently without an escrow phone, and as a result, the watch finally gets the App Store from scratch. You can buy and install apps directly from your watch instead of using your phone as a conduit.

Apple Cycle Tracking:

There are rumors that bike tracking has long existed and it is there
The Apple Watch has been focusing on health for a number of versions. In WatchOS 6 there are some new health upgrades. The watch also records your workout schedule and notices when you’re slacking off and trying to motivate you. There is also a new noise app that uses the device’s microphone to detect when you are in an area that is so loud that it can damage your hearing.

Apple Cycle Tracking

This year, Apple officially announces its Cycle Tracking app to track a user’s menstrual cycle. No clock is needed to make it work on the phone. It’s also free.

iOS 13:

This is the bread and butter of most WWDC announcements. According to Apple, iOS 12 is currently installed on 85 percent of user devices. Tim Cook points out that Android 9 runs on only 10 percent of Android devices. Sick fire, Tim!

iOS Dark Mode

The focus is on speed like last year. Unlocking the phone with FaceID is now supposed to be 30 percent faster. Apple also says that after the fall of the new operating system, app updates will be up to 60 percent shorter. Apple also claims that the start times of apps will be halved.

As expected, Dark Mode comes on iOS.

iOS Dark Fashion

iOS Dark Fashion

iOS Dark Fashion is finally here. Apple

Both Safari and Notes are slightly updated, but Reminders have been thoroughly redesigned. The old reminder app was not very useful, but the new version is based on smart features such as knowing where the reminder should be displayed and what other people might be involved in the event you created. I hope it’s good I could use the organization.

Maps will also be redesigned with more detailed maps. Apple’s recent efforts to capture more detailed information give us much more detail. The company uses flight data as well as information gathered from passing cars.

Apple Maps:

The new view of Apple Maps is more detailed thanks to 4 million miles of driving time.

Apple Maps

As the last point to Maps Apple hammered the idea of ​​privacy home. The company claims that you do not need to sign out of Google Maps, which is another clear example for Google. You can now share your location “just once” for an app and then ask questions later. Apple also closes the gap through which apps could search for Bluetooth or Wifi networks to get a vague idea of ​​where you are from.


Apple’s high-tech emojis receive upgrades such as make-up, piercings and hats. The video shouted really loud. People wanted hats. You can now use Memojis as a sticker. Your face is now emojis.


Apple Photos
Photos now organize your photos in years, months or days to keep the catalog clear. Apple

Apple Photos

In “Photos and Camera” Apple reminds everyone that the studio lighting function in portrait mode is still present. You can now use AI to simulate effects, such as: For example, approaching or removing light from your subject in the studio. I’m a nerd, so I’m very curious how authentic it is. It also provides more control over image editing with advanced customizations for things like luminance.

Photos also upgrades its organizational system. Instead of uniform thumbnails, organized photo and video streams are displayed. It reminds me of Google Photos, which I think is the idea.

memoji iphone x

In an unprecedented turn, Apple is now talking about the HomePod, the connected speaker. Now you can tell the difference between multiple users by only hearing their voice. This is a great feature on Google Home devices. Hooray, HomePod!

Apple’s CarPlay gets a new design, which mainly contains aesthetic updates. Now you can also use Waze and Pandora with Siri.

One of Siri’s biggest updates comes from the Shortcuts app, which lets you group actions into larger groups. So if you have a routine that happens when you go to the gym, you can make this a single command.

Siri’s voice has also improved thanks to the new text-to-speech technology. It is powered by AI and the demo seems to be … ok.


As we expected, the iPad gets its own operating system, which is different from MacOS and iOS. The main difference is the multi-window compatibility. You can display a number of widgets on your home screen next to the app icons, and at the same time show multiple windows in an app. So, if you want to pull things in emails or write them in two Microsoft Word documents at the same time (for some damnable reason), you can do that.

iPad Multiple Window support.

iPad multiple window support.
You can now have multiple windows on an iPad
With the new iPad file system, you can use the iPad more like a computer. You can even connect external storage devices or transfer images directly from a camera if you have the necessary cable.

Image result for iPad multiple window support.

Typing with your fingers is now easier. When you tap with one hand, the keyboard shrinks so you can type with a single thumb. You can now pinch with three fingers to copy your three fingers and spread them to paste. It seems easier than before, but the demo did not go perfectly. That’s nice, because we do not have to pretend that typing on the iPad is still not nearly as good as typing on a keyboard.

iPad notes:

Thanks to iPadOS upgrades, the Notes app on the iPad is now more useful

Mac Pro:

The new Mac Pro is beautiful apple

Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro consists of a stainless steel frame with handles that allow you to easily move it. You have 360-degree access to the internal components.

An Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores is used. You can use up to 1.5 TB of system memory. This is useful when creating your own Pixar movies. It has a PCI extension, which means it’s easier to update than the old cylindrical model, which was very hard to update.

 the mac pro 2019

The computer has a total of four Thunderbolt 3 ports and a pair of USB 3 jacks. The computer can simultaneously use two Vega Pro GPUs. If you do not know what that means, this computer is not for you anyway, and probably not worth learning.

The fans inside can produce an airflow of 300 cubic feet per minute.

6K Retina Display

Apple’s reference monitor is expected to compete with other screens that cost more than $ 40,000

6K Retina Display

In addition to its new, super-powerful computer, Apple has a 6K monitor. It is a 20 million pixel screen with etched glass to avoid reflections. It’s designed for high-end production, which typically requires a reference monitor that costs tens of thousands of dollars. The back of the display has holes to dissipate the heat. It manages to maintain 1,000 Nits of brightness forever, with a maximum brightness of 1,600 nits. In general, this backlight intensity produces too much heat.

The screen promises a contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1, but that number is hard to beat

MacOS Catalina:

We finally get Apple’s desktop OS. The new version will come later this year and we will get the details. The big news straight away is that iTunes splits into three apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.

Image result for MacOS Catalina

Apple MacOS Catalina
iTunes goes away. Apple

The split between the apps is pretty much what you would expect. Instead of using one of these apps to sync your phone, the settings in macOS are not used. No more iTunes startup when you connect your phone. Podcasts now also index the content of each episode, so you can search for people who talk about specific topics.


Use your ipad as a second Mac screen

Use your iPad as a second Mac screen
Your iPad can now be a second screen for your Mac. Apple
You can now use the iPad as a secondary monitor for your Mac. It works with a wired or wireless connection and allows users to design the iPad for input just like a Wacom tablet.

Other OS features:

If someone steals your Mac, you can now disable it so the thief can not handle it. It’s useful for cell phones, so it makes sense on the Mac.

Screentime also comes on the Mac, which sounds horrible to me as a person who spends a shocking amount of typing in a MacBook Pro. I dont want to know it.

ARKit 3

We’re in the keynote for a full two hours now, covering some things that are mostly about the developers in the audience. ARKit 3 shows some new tools for creating augmented reality apps. Real-time body tracking and the ability to place virtual objects in front of and behind people in AR rooms. It looks great in the demo.

arkit 3

Minecraft Earth in AR looks pretty awesome. The app can create a Minecraft world in a real space. The camera can watch a player and imitate the avatar in the game real movements. Kids will be crazy about it.

Minecraft World

Minecraft World

Minecraft Earth in AR looks crazy
In the end, there are a few things that are too specific for developers to get into the conversation. But that was a lot of new announcements.

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