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Benefits of Studio Recording: 3 Facts Need to Know

Recording at home is really accepted today, but recording studios have many advantages that are not possible elsewhere.

Nothing beats experience

If you’ve ever tried recording, you’ll say you can do more than just point your microphone at the record. Experienced technicians know the microphone to use, the location, and the external device that sounds best with the microphone, which can save you a lot of time recording from the beginning.

The main reason for using a studio is the expertise of an engineer or producer. This person hopes to have recorded thousands of hours with hundreds of styles of music. Their insights are invaluable in taking production to the next level.

Access to top equipment

Professional studios have excellent recording equipment and microphones. All sound sources are different. A particular mic and preamp combination is often required to capture performance comfortably. In a well-equipped studio, there are several devices that allow you to tame and enhance your instruments and singers. There really isn’t a “one mic fits all” or “fix with mix” solution. You need to capture the source as accurately as possible.

Recording environment

The above is very important, but at least just as important is the recording environment. Space is needed for the sound to spread and fulfill its role. There is a lot of scientific evidence about how waveforms work and interact. In untreated rooms, this can cause unwanted reflections, increased or canceled frequencies, and low-end problems. The studio has acoustically processed rooms designed to address this and capture beautiful performances.

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