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Borderlands-3: Introductions Sequence, Bugs and Update News

Borderlands 3 first appeared at E3 2019 at a Microsoft press conference on June 9. A few months later, Borderlands 3 will be on the current PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3 launched on Sept. 13. 2019

Thursday Gearbox tweeted that there were some features that could be used by PC users, not console users. Developers say that Photo Mode and Twitch ECHOcast Extension can only be used in PC games. ECHOcast is a new game feature that allows stream viewers to view streamer devices and other in-game information. PS4 and Xbox One owners will have to wait for the Day 30 update to access both features.

Players already have various problems. The Borderlands 3 subreddit thread on game issues made over 1000 comments on Friday. An upper comment indicates a problem with the game inventory screen. Some players say they will continue to display images of the products they sell.


Another major issue that players experience on the release date is related to the intro sequence. Each playthrough sits through a 7 minute video and, according to the console player, cannot be skipped. However, PC players need to delete certain game files in an intro excessive way. The Reddit post provides guidance on how to remove the opening sequence and enter the game directly.

When Borderlands came out 10 years ago, the industry and gamers are paying attention. It became one of the most popular and well-received games in 2009 and received acclaim for its smooth visuals, luxury and various guns and items that can be collected around the world.

Borderland has also pioneered a new genre that focuses on getting the best weapons and elements of first-person shooters and role-playing games that play games through the hero’s eyes. The games that came out later became known as “collision shooters”. They included titles like Ubisoft’s Apocalypse survival game Tom Clancy’s The Division, Electronic Arts fantasy game Anthem and Bungie’s space battle epic fate.

Borderlands itself took several subsequent steps, including Borderlands 2 which was critically popular in 2012 and Borderlands: Pre-Sequel which was not critically popular in 2014.

Like previous games, Borderlands 3 revolves around Vaults, a legendary tomb full of treasures and monsters. Players control one of a group of patch hunters that power from this secret cash and kick out a pair of evil twins in their worship.

After the game was announced in March, Borderlands fans did not have to wait long to see the game. Gearbox held a 1 hour public event on May 1st to see the first time of the game. Later, in June E3 2019, the developers announced more games. August 14 Gearbox released FL4K and released details of planets that players will visit.

The following is all information about Borderlands 3.








Who is this joker?

Part of Borderlands’ success is that gamers can enjoy the game on a group of characters known as Vault Hunters. The four hunters have a unique play style with advantages and disadvantages. They are supported by dozens of other unrememberable characters such as the Crimson Claude leaders, Claptrap and Lilith, the leaders of the Crimson gang that drives out the malicious calypso twins.

BL3 offers players four new Vault Hunters: FL4K, Amara, Moze and Zane. Like the previous games, each game has its own background and reason for the treasure hunt of the galaxy.


FL4K (pronounced “plaque”) is a beastmaster class that can control four monsters, Jabber, Rakk, Skag and Spiderant, with three different skill trees for each animal, each with different strengths and weaknesses. The Hunter Skill Line offers FL4K a special movement called a Spiderment Centurion as a pet and a Rakk Attack that releases a flying monster pair that disappears after the attack. This technology tree FL4K’s deadly attacks will be more frequent and focus on doing more damage.

The master skill tree in this case is the Guard Sky that focuses on pets. There are several actions to buff Skag and increase FL4K melee attacks. Gamma burst is a behavioral technology that transports pets and brings them back to life quickly in battle.

The FL4K stalker skill tree is both about stealth and avoidance. Fade Away is another technique that increases speed and healing power while approaching a pet. FL4K pets (in this case Jabber Sidekick) revive and improve health regeneration through other special movements.


As a siren, you probably summoned a huge fist to prevent an enemy called Phasegrasp, send your own astral projection called Phasecast, and give her power to nearby enemies in Pagezul Slam Demonstrate.

Jane is a gadget fighter. He can summon a graph called Digi-Clone that can attack enemies. He can fire a SNTNL drone. Place a barrier for protection.


Moze is about firepower. Not only can she wear her own large weapon, she also has a machine called Iron Bear.


 Moze with her mech, Iron Bear



Unlike other Vault Hunters that unlock new abilities through the skill tree, Moze unlocks new weapons called Hardpoints on their machines. Destroying women deal additional damage each time they use a grenade launcher or rocket launcher with Iron Bear. For defense, players can focus on Retribution Hardpoint, which provides a powerful railgun and a powerful melee Iron Bear Fist. Next is the Bottomless Mags Hardpoint, where you can regenerate bullets and add flamethrowers to the machine.


Gearbox says it can only play 4 characters and has no plans for more downloadable content.

In addition to the new Vault Hunter, Gearbox has also updated the basic functionality of the class. Characters that can be played in previous games could only use one active ability, but in this iteration, the character can use three abilities. As the level goes up, you can decide how to improve certain activity abilities so you can create your own character.


The gearbox also modernizes Vault Hunters and provides easy access to the mantle and higher lands, as well as faster coverage while sliding while moving. New artifacts that can be seen in E3 2019 add various effects to the player’s movement, such as a fire every time a character slips.

Gearbox is a multiplayer and a little outdated fun. Borderlands 3 Player can play both online and split-screen multiplayer. That means you can play with your friends sitting next to the sofa at home.

NPCs that fight with you can also be revived and players can be revived. More environmental attacks, like ground oil, can damage enemies instead of exploding barrels throughout the map.




More than Pandora

The players of the first two Borderland games revealed the secrets of Vaults, a legendary cache full of Pandora’s wealth and powerful alien skills. Borderlands: Pre-Sequel went to Pandora Guru Elpis and found a safe.

It’s time for the first time in the series to explore a new world. At E3, the developer showed Eden-6, one of the new planets. The new swamp planet is very different from the Pandora stone desert wilderness. Players compete with new animal life on Earth like Saurians and Jabbers.


 Pandora and beyond games

Players do more than jump to Eden-6 and other planets through a unique ship called Sanctuary III and cross the galaxy. This ship is a home-based full of shops and individual accommodation players can create their own characters and multiple characters in previous games like Lilith, Maya, Hammerlock, Ellie and Mad Moxxi .

Athenas can be explored by players on different planets. Except for the offset, an imminent storm command to keep secrets, it is a planet where no one lives.


Image result for Order of the Impending Storm on Athenas
Borderland 3 Athena
Athena’s Imminent Storm Command



Promethea is the home of Atlas Corporation and the future city is wide. Currently, Maliwan, another weapon manufacturer, is besieging. Atlas CEO Rhys Strongfork controls the planet and may need help.


Image result for Promethea is the planet where Atlas is located.
Borderland 3 Promethea
Promethea is a planet placed by Atlas.



In order to close the gap between Borderlands 2 and 3, we were able to download content that allows you to download both games for free. This extension is available to anyone who owns Borderlands 2 or The Handsome Collection called Commander Lilith & The Fight for Sanctuary. We were able to use it for free from June 9th to 30th, but now it is $ 20. Play with the characters of the second game in a new original story to get new and unusual loot.

Gearbox has revealed to Verver that comedian and talking dead host Chris Hardwick will regain his role in Vaughn at Tales in Borderlands, an adventure game developed by Telltale Games released in 2014. Hardwick’s character was a friend of Rhys. match. His inclusion means becoming the first major game to cross the Telltale game in the Borderlands 3 franchise.


The Calypso Twins.
Calypso twins.



Twins who think so
BL3 will focus on the new bad guys Calypso Twins, Troy and Tyrene. The two act like YouTube users and are their cult Vault kids. They want to suck the power of the legendary safe monster to find the safe.

Borderlands 1 siren Lilith is to prevent twins with Crimson Raiders, other characters that fight worthy of the previous game’s Vault Hunters group. Now the player starts talking.

Apart from the new bad guys, players can face big bosses with new bolts.


Kind looter

A big change in the life of BL3 is how the game handles loot. Being a predator, the player must defeat the enemy and complete the quest to get the best equipment in the game. In previous games, this would determine which one legendary weapon fell from the enemy and the player could pick up the weapon, or in some cases, one of the team could log off with the weapon It means that. Booty ninja. “

To solve this, Gearbox created a loot instantiation. In other words, when players form a team, each player loses loot from enemies that they can only acquire. Series fans who want competitive booty options can choose the game.

Loot instantiation allows characters at other levels to fight against enemies at their level. Players with level 10 characters can join level 25 players, and the two experienced similar difficulties with compensation similar to level.


The gearbox also includes a new feature called dynamic missions. You can use new quests as your friends progress. For example, if a friend finds an unusual monster, you can perform a mission to track the beast.

Another new feature released at E3 2019 is Guardian Rank. In previous games, players were able to improve their status by earning Badass Ranks after achieving a goal such as defeating a certain number of enemies or finding too many weapons. With Guardian Rank, players unlock additional weapons, skins and abilities as they move up.

On August 30th at PAX West, Gearbox developers explained that Guardian Rank could be used after the main campaign was over.






Crazy pew-pews

Like previous games, BL3 has guns that players can find. The new option this time is the alternative launch mode. The gun can now go from a bullet to a firing missile with the push of a button. This dramatically improves the variety of weapons available.

Another major change in weapons is having double elements. There are other factors such as shocks and explosives, even the total damaged by fire. There is also a new element called radioactivity, which allows you to explode when investigating nearby enemies that kill enemies.

There are unique characteristics that are totally different. Tediore weapons can be thrown like grenades or placed on the floor to become a turret.

For some of the best weapons, players can later perform repeatable tasks in the game of slaughterhouses and test sites.

In the slaughter circle, players will fight against the waves of enemies. The longer you live, the better your loot.

Another incident is a test site. The Secretary must complete a trial of trials that repel three areas filled with enemy bosses within 30 minutes. The sooner the player completes the trial, the more treasures you can get.

Mayhem mode is the third end game content for players who finished BL3 at the PAX West Main Theater Show on August 30th. After the campaign is over, the Sanctuary III device can be used and the player can choose between three Mayhem levels. Depending on the level, enemies change in various ways, such as increasing their attack power and becoming immune to specific damage. In addition, higher loot falls, including oiled equipment that can improve various behavioral skills.

Finally there is a new Game + option called True Vault Hunter mode. This allows the player to resume the campaign at the level with the current equipment, but second and much more difficult.




Vaulted content

Gearbox revealed to BL3 that there is no P2P (Pay-to-Win) small transaction. However, there are cosmetics available for purchase. It will be available in autumn and winter after the launch.


Borderlands 3 banner

The first event, Blood Harvest, includes theme activities and rewards. Maliwan Takedown updates the following content, including new maps, enemies and bosses. Gearbox will also provide downloadable content via a season pass that provides further information in the future.


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  • Borderland 3 finally turned around the corner. Since the first announcement, Gearbox has provided trailers, gameplay streams and many other information for upcoming action FPS games.

    The debut trailer feels like celebrating Borderlands. Returning Vault Hunters such as Lilith, Maya, Brick, Mordecai and Zer0 is full of familiar faces. The latter suits Borderland’s Tales of Tales Rhys. Tiny (now Regular) Tina, Marcus, Ellie, Sir Hammerlock, Claptrap and old enemies. There is a big bar where Moxxi is back.

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  • Borderland 3 finally turned around the corner. Since the first announcement, Gearbox has provided trailers, gameplay streams and many other information for upcoming action FPS games. Before playing the next week, I drilled through a billion mists to provide information I really wanted to know about Borderland 3.

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