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Box Office: Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu “Hustlers” Score, Thursday $2.5 Million

STX entertainment can only be obtained with Hustlers who needed a hit. In early 2019, with the domestic winner The Upside (first 1st debut and more than $ 200 million importers) started out with style and expensive ffs like Pom and Ugly Dolls and late summer slate (21 Bridges, My Spy, and The Boy 2) were delayed and essentially all candidates were anchored to Hustlers. We haven’t talked about the peak of the Defiance Grand Prize winner in Ohio, but Hustlers were inevitably released from an image perspective.

Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu

It looks like a distribution studio if it is not installed in front of Hustlers. It began with the intention of providing star theater studio programmers that began in 2014 with theatrical theater just before this kind of demographics dries badly. It was necessary. Hustlers can become the heroes needed for STX to emphasize all the original monologues of The Dark Knight. Exotic dancers’ compliments and faint criminal dramas that spoil the wealthy customers of the 2008 Wall Street Accident have made a very promising $ 2.5 million Thursday night.

A very strong review and (at least) started a preview at 7pm on Thursday to please the crowd, which is a $ 20 million budget that debuted with a few Oscar reviews for co-star Jennifer Lopez. Hustlers is essentially the only game released in the next three-day city to avoid miracles instead of Goldfinch, a drama that doesn’t appreciate Warner Bros. ’s ambitions. is. Since we can only be a guest on how much two drops and how much the hustler is opened, the ranking of both movies will be almost minor.
It sequel is well maintained, but this is a win if you still occupy 2nd place in Hustlers who have a proven track record. If Hustler pulls the right figures in terms of raw magic, audience polls and weekend multipliers, it’s almost unimportant whether the $ 20 million movie market will continue to occupy Bakugon or take second place next month. . Fairly, the weekend is not important as I am convinced that STX prefers the first digit opened for the first time in a year.

 Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu

Universal’s Girls Trip received $ 11.6 million in the July 2017 Thursday preview and $ 1.7 million on the $ 33 million refurbishment weekend. STX’s Bad Moms received 20,000 in the July 2016 Thursday preview Earn $ 9.6 million on Friday and $ 23.8 million on the opening weekend Hustlers starring Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Styles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Cardi B and Lizzo Played like “community” comedy, and already got 8.4% of the opening weekend. Expect a $ 29 million renovation over the weekend.

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Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu

Will Packer and Malcolm D. Lee’s Regina Hall / Queen Latifah / Jada Pinkett Smith / Tiffany Haddish comedy vehicles, traditionally, that account for about 5.3% of the total weekend weekend opening weekend. A 10-year-old tempo / blockbuster where pre-release preview movies, which were standard for late-night screening 10 years ago, were not mainstream. That is to give Hustler $ 48 million. The writer / director Lorene Scafaria’s old-time programmer works like a gang buster as a gang smart entertainment.

 Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu

Bad Moms, Girls Trips and Hustlers received an R rating and were sold as unqualified “party” movies / escape entertainment, aimed at adult women due to lack of service. STX celebrates more than $ 20 million and the punishment is me when compared to a girls trip (opened at $ 25 million, $ 31 million) that will approach $ 25 million You wo n’t be surprised. The reviews are impressive. The amount over $ 22.3 million (2005 Monmaster-In-In) is Lopez’s maximum unadjusted live action opening. Over $ 32.626 million (1997 Anaconda’s $ 16 million opening, inflation adjustment) creates her biggest ticket sales refurbishment.

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