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Google Fi: Unlimited plan

For a long time, Google Fi has not been playing the unlimited number of calls, text and data, instead focusing on offering fairly affordable and flexible rates with a $ 80 (pre-tax and government fee) cap. Today, however, Google is introducing Fi Unlimited, which, as you’ve probably found out by name, is more like a traditional “unlimited” tariff from other vendors.

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Fi Unlimited plans start at $ 70 for the first line. For families, you can also pay $ 60 per line for two lines, $ 50 per line for three lines, or $ 45 per line for four to six lines (excluding taxes and fees). This is in line with the unlimited fares of other airlines, although they all have their own limitations and special services and may provide different (and often more substantial) family discounts.

“Since Fi’s launch in 2015, we have a plan, the Fi Flexible Plan, that gives you the flexibility to pay only for the data you use,” says Fi’s product manager, Dhwani Shah. “As we’ve grown up, we’ve heard that many of you want the simplicity and predictability that comes with paying the same price every month, and today Fi adds a second plan for the first time: our Google Fi Unlimited plan.”

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If you are also a satisfied Fi user and you like the old plan, do not panic. A Google spokesperson has told us that Google continues to offer the existing flexible plan.

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Unlimited is of course never limitless, so Google will limit your speed after consuming 22GB of data in a given month (currently only 1% of Fi users, according to the company) and may limit video quality at 480p. Like the company’s other fi plans, there are no contracts or activation fees.

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However, there are also some positive aspects. You will receive free international calls from the US to 50 countries and territories and will continue to receive unlimited data and text from Fi in 200 countries. Each unlimited plan includes a Google One membership with 100GB of cloud storage and live support for all Google products, as well as the new Google Phone Backup service. There are no limits to the use of hotspots.

As always, you need a compatible phone for Fi to work for you.

The maximum amount of Fi’s flexible price is $ 80 per month after you’ve used more than 6GB of data. So there is a compromise here. You pay a fixed price for every unlimited line, even if you only use 1 GB of data. However, you pay a predictable price and receive a discount on multiple line activation and some other extras.