IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review

IDLE mattresses are some of the most interesting boxed mattresses to dominate the industry. One of the main differentiators is that we offer multiple double-sided mattresses. These mattresses claim that one side can always rest and recover from use. With both latex and foam foldable hybrid variants and foam cooling mattress options, customers are responsive to their products. With medium to high-end companies, Idle is definitely a brand to consider.

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IDLE Sleep Hybrid may be suitable for …

  • Those who are looking for a good price. The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is a competitive price for such high quality mattresses and its flip down design should last longer than many other hybrids. This provides great value and great long-term investment.
  • Sleeping car on the back and stomach. People who sleep on their backs and stomachs should get the support they need with an IDLE Sleepybrid mattress. When you sleep on your back, you need to balance comfort and support, and when you sleep on your stomach, you need to feel well-supported throughout your body.
  • A fan of stiff mattresses. IDLE Sleep Hybrid uses a material that is harder than the average mattress and highly supportive. If you need a mattress that you give less and frustrate, check out the IDLE Sleepy brid.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid may not be suitable for ...

  • Side sleeper. Whether you choose a medium model or a luxury farm model, it’s probably too sturdy for most sleepers. Even medium-sized models are at the tighter edges of the spectrum and may not provide the best pressure relaxation. Instead, check out the best mattress for your side sleeper.
  • Lightweight sleeping car. IDLE Sleep Hybrid is a thicker and stiffer mattress suitable for heavier sleepers. Lightweight sleepers may not need such a luxurious mattress, and you can save money by choosing a cheaper full-form mattress.
  • Those who need a soft, medium or extra farm mattress. The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is slightly stiffer than average. Those who need something very soft, very sturdy, or something in the middle may want to look elsewhere.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Structure Overview

  • The IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress is 14 inches long.
  • The cover is soft and contains a patented Thermocool fabric to help control temperature.
  • The cover is quilted with 2.5 cm IDLE contour foam.
    Below that is a 2-inch IDLE cooling buoyancy foam.
  • Then there is the 1 inch form transition layer.
  • The center of the mattress is a 6-inch pleated coil.
  • The mattress is foldable, so the bottom of the medium model is the same as the top. There is a 1-inch foam transition layer followed by a 2-inch IDLE-cooled buoyancy foam, and the Thermocool cover is quilted with IDLE contour foam.

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Key points of IDLE sleep hybrid structure

  • All versions of IDLE Sleep Hybrid are reversible, but you have three options. You can select the Luxury Firm model on both sides, the Medium model on both sides, and the
  • Luxury Firm side and Medium side models.
    The Luxury Firm / Medium mixed model offers customers two hardness options on one mattress, while the pure Luxury Firm and Medium models should last longer. This is because the sleeper can rotate the mattress on a regular basis to prevent premature sagging and scratching on the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress. Many of the latest hybrid bed-in-box mattresses are non-foldable and may not last long with the IDLE Sleepy brid.
  • IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam is designed to be comfortable, responsive and relieve pressure over memory foam. The floating design should allow the sleeper to easily move and move the IDLE Sleep Hybrid.
  • The combination of foam and coil makes the IDLE Sleepy brid a balance between comfort and support. Both contour foam and buoyancy foam need to provide a significant amount of pressure relaxation, and the wrapped coil needs to provide a lot of support.
  • The IDLE Sleep Hybrid should sleep pretty cool due to the coil and buoyancy foam. The coil facilitates the flow of air through the mattress, and the buoyancy foam is more breathable than the memory foam and should not retain much heat.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Hardness and Feel

In terms of hardness, IDLE Sleep feels like 7/10. It’s a little harder than average. The top layer is very soft and very easy to hold. Then hit a more robust transition and support layer to stop.

This above average mattress is ideal for backsleeping. The hips sink in just the right amount, and the pleated coil provides excellent support. Also, draw a little outline from the upper foam layer.

Side sleep, IDLE sleep gives me considerable pressure relaxation and I don’t feel any extreme pressure on my shoulders or lower back. That said, those who just sleep sideways will want to look for a softer, more pressure-reducing mattress.

Finally, when I go to the stomach, IDLE Sleep is solid enough to provide all the support I need. You don’t feel your hips bent on the mattress, you feel like you’re in the correct neutral spine position.

The hybrid structure IDLE Sleep has a balanced feel. The top has a bit of that memory foam feel, but it’s also very sensitive. Combined with a pocket coil, the IDLE Sleepy brid has a great balance of comfort and support.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Motion Transfer

If you are considering using IDLE Sleep Hybrid with your partner, you should pay close attention to this. Those who need the best mattress for their couple want to make sure they can handle the motion transfer well. In short, they want a mattress that can be insulated. The movement of each partner to each side of the bed.

To test motion transfer with IDLE Sleep Hybrid, we first placed a glass of water in the center of the mattress. Then I pressed the mattress around the glass, and it was pretty insane. Also, I lay down on one side of the IDLE Sleep Hybrid while Marten walked around the other side to get in and out of bed. I felt his movement move to my side of the bed.

Those who need a couple mattress should keep these results in mind.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Edge Support

Mattress customers who sleep with their partners should also consider edge support. With good edge support on the mattress, any partner can sleep all the way to the edge and actually sleep the most surfaces. If the mattress has insufficient edge support, each partner is at risk of falling off the edge if they do not sleep near the center.

When I sit on the edge of the IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress, the bubbles on it sink quite a bit and I don’t feel very safe. When I lie down on the edge of the mattress, the edge sinks a little and I feel like it’s about to roll off.

Edge support is not the highlight of the IDLE Sleepybrid mattress.

Heavyweight Sleeper-Over 230 lbs

If you are considering buying a new mattress, you definitely need to consider your body size and weight. For example, a mattress suitable for a person weighing 120 pounds may not be optimal for a person weighing 250 pounds. I personally weigh 160 pounds and asked Marten to try the Idol Sleep Hybrid to get a bigger person’s perspective. It weighs 250 pounds, which is what he thought of the mattress.

Idle Sleep Open the hybrid mattress box

The Idle Sleep Hybrid is a box mattress bed that ships in a large cardboard box. First, ask a friend to help you move the mattress to your bedroom. When the box is near the foundation bed frame, open the box and pull out the rolled mattress.

Place the roll on the bed frame or foundation and start cutting many layers of plastic. Be careful not to cut it too deeply. Otherwise, the mattress will be damaged.

The mattress expands quickly, so be prepared to dive into shape! When the mattress is fully expanded, remove the plastic and other packaging materials. Then leave the mattress for a few days to allow the foam to form completely and run out of gas.

What makes the Idol Sleep Hybrid stand out?

  • The foldable type greatly extends the life of the mattress.
  • IDLE Sleep Hybrid has many cooling components, so don’t sleep hot.
  • It is a stiffer mattress that should be a good mattress for those who sleep on the stomach and those who sleep on the back.

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Final idea

IDLE Sleep Hybrid is a long-term investment and affordable support mattress. Those who want to be a little softer or sleep sideways may want to keep watching.

IDLE Sleep Hybrid comes with free shipping and returns, an 18-month sleep period and a lifetime warranty. Financing is possible, IDLE Sleep also offers latex mattresses and other accessories. Check out the Idol Sleep Coupons to save on your purchases.

How long will the IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress last?

The life of an IDLE Sleep Hybrid mattress depends on the weight of the owner and the amount of mattress used. However, it contains some durable materials and has a flip-down design that will last up to 10 years.

Is IDLE Sleep Hybrid suitable for side sleepers?

IDLE Sleep Hybrid is harder than the average mattress and may not be ideal for side sleepers. Side sleepers usually want a soft mattress that relieves pressure on the shoulders and lower back. IDLESleepHybrid can be too hard.

Is the IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress Suitable for Back Pain?

People suffering from back pain should look for a mattress that is moderately stiff or simply above average. The IDLE Sleep Hybrid fits snugly into that range of hardness and provides the support and durability that people with back pain really need.

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