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iOS 13 features: iOS 13 Launch Date, Time, and Top Features List | Everything You Need To Know

Since Apple released the announcement regarding the introduction of iOS 13 at WWDC 2019, there are several rumors that populate the market.

While some came true in the transition from iOS 13 Beta 1 to the current iOS 13 Beta 4 update, many were considered untrue.

With all the rumors, users were still wondering when iOS 13 will be released, what new features it will provide and who can enjoy it. And let her wait for the upcoming OS version.

iOS 13 features

The wait is over now.

As announced in the Apple September event, the release date for iOS 13 is September 19, 2019 – today !.

With the successor of iOS 12, users will be able to access many of the new iOS 13 features we’ll discuss next.


Features RoundUp: Which iOS 13 brings it to your device?

  • Dark mode
    One of the key features of iOS 13 that affects our devices is the Dark Mode.
 The new Dark Mode will give your iPhone a black theme

As the name implies, this feature will make the device and app screens black and the text in white. This mode is intended to improve the readability of users.

 Dark Mode is one of the most long-awaited and oft-requested iPhone features
  • Find mine
    In the upcoming iOS release, the two popular options “Find My Friend” and “Find My iPhone Apps” will become a single app called Find My.

With a simple and seamless user interface, this application allows users to easily locate missing devices and determine their loved ones’ whereabouts. Best of all, it also lets you track devices that are offline.

New Apple Maps
  • Apple Maps
    iOS 13 also revises Apple Maps.

New Apple Maps

The app now looks in 3D with detailed map data, similar to Google Street View. You also have the option to share your ETA if you use directions to get to a specific location.

 There's also a new 'swipe to type' texting feature
  • 4. Log in to Apple
  • Apple continues to focus on providing better privacy and security solutions and is launching the “Sign in with Apple” option in iOS 13.

Sign in with Apple

With this option, users no longer need to register their original email address for third-party applications. You can use a unique and randomly generated email address from Apple for registration in various applications.

In addition, Apple is introducing new location tracking options for users. This feature allows users to restrict their location tracking until they use the application.

Both these privacy and security options prevent third parties from accessing user data. But to a certain extent. In other words, Apple has redesigned its Apple login and other privacy options to allow third parties to access user data only in certain circumstances, which is required for a personalized user experience.


  • Photos App
    Another feature loved by Apple users, especially Millennials, is the revamped Photos app.

The app now creates a photo library that displays highlights based on day, month, and year. This makes browsing easier and helps users to re-watch your favorite memories.

The photo editing tools available in the application allow users to try out new effects and even edit videos intelligently.

  • 6. Shortcuts
  • The shortcuts app also brings some significant improvements in iOS 13.

Introduced in iOS 12, the application is now integrated and acts as a standard app, offering more conversational opportunities and suggestions for creating personalized routines.

Not only that, the feature is supposed to be updated with an automation feature that allows users to create automations in the app in the upcoming iOS 13.1 update.

  • Improved health
    iOS 13 also comes with new and helpful health options:

Cycle Tracking: The application allows users to track their menstrual cycle and determine the fertile days.
Noise App: The app analyzes the sound level in real time and informs users when the noise is harmful to their ears.

  • QuickPath keyboard
    In iOS 13, Apple updates its standard keyboard with wiping features. This is one of the features that Apple has borrowed from Google’s Android.

This feature, called the “Quick Path” keyboard, allows users to switch between letters instead of typing them.

In addition, iOS 13 features 38 new keyboard languages, including Mongolian, Cantonese, Assamese, Nepali, Sidhi and Tongon. This is expected to bring benefits to Apple in two ways. This would help the brand capitalize on the benefits of localization and improve customer loyalty.

In addition, the new iOS operating system includes features such as screen timeout, low data mode, family sharing hotspot, advanced memoji customization, message profile picture, voice notes, and more.

Let’s jump right into the start time of iOS 13.

iOS 13

What time is it with iOS 13?
Apple has not announced an official launch date for iOS 13. However, it is expected that the tech giant will follow its tradition of introducing new operating system versions early in the morning. This means that the release time for iOS 13 is 10 AM PST.

Now that you know the date and time when iOS 13 launches, you may be wondering if the update is available on your device.

As always, Apple has made iOS 13 compatible only with the latest devices.

What Devices Will be Compatible with iOS 13 Version?

Here is the list of iOS 13 compatible devices:-

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE

That means, iPhone 6 or older will not enjoy the iOS 13 compatibility. So, if you have an iPhone 6 or older, you can either keep yourself content with iOS 12 update or will have to buy a new smartphone.

But, in case, you are lucky enough to find your device name in the list, here’s how to prepare your device and enjoy the latest OS version on your device.

iOS 13 Releases Today And Here's Everything You Need To Know In A Nutshell

How do I prepare my device for the iOS 13 update?

If you want to prepare your iPhone for iOS 13, consider the following:

Your phone must be fully charged or near a plug.
While the new iOS 13 update includes nearly 1.5GB to 2GB of storage, more memory is consumed during the installation process. So make sure your phone has nearly 4 GB of free space.
Secure your iPhone to avoid data loss. You can either make a backup on the iCloud or connect your phone to the computer to transfer important data and files.

Image result for ios 13 update

How do I install iOS 13 on my iPhone?
Note: Millions of Apple fans will install iOS 13 this evening. For this reason, a slow installation speed is expected. So wait a few hours and try to download the new iOS version update tomorrow.

When Apple launches iOS 13, a warning message will be displayed on your device. (You can also manually verify this by following the path: Settings> General> Software Update.)

Touch the Refresh option. As soon as you click on the update option, the download process starts. This takes a while. It is therefore advisable not to damage your phone until the new iOS 13 update is launched on your device.

IOS 13 is apparently a great treat for the users, but also offers exciting features and capabilities for Apple developers.

Let’s finish this article by looking at what iOS 13 Update means for mobile app developers.

What iOS 13 Launch Means for the Apple Developers?

1. Faster App Install Option

The biggest change that iOS 13 will bring in the lives of iPhone application developers is in terms of app performance and installation process.The app launch will be 2x faster than before. Also, the app download file and update file will be 30% and 60% smaller when compared to those in iOS 12.

This will enable developers to deliver better experience to their users and cut down the risk of app uninstallation, which was basically due to low speed and higher storage requirement.

ios 13 update

2. AR Update

Another iOS 13 feature that developers will relish is better AR options.

With the AR update introduced in iOS 13, iOS application developers will be able to integrate people’s movements into their applications. This way, deliver a more immersive and engaging experience to their target audience.

3. App Store Update

Last but not least, iOS 13 is also bringing a major App Store update.  The revamped App Store will get dark mode, new app update option,and more. 

This update will encourage iPhone app developers to introduce dark mode to their app development process.

While this is all about iOS 13 launch announcements made till now, we will extend the piece once the upcoming OS version is live. Be hooked to the section to remain updated.

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