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Learn the Korean Language in Bangladesh

Hi everyone, I am a passionate Korean tutor who can help you improve your Korean.

My Name is Sah Md Main Uddin. I have rich experience in teaching Korean as I have been teaching since 2012 and helping several students to achieve their goals.

I have joined as a Korean Language Lecturer in the BRAC Institute of Languages in 2012.

I also worked at the Institute of Modern Languages of Dhaka University as a Korean Language Teacher for the last one year.

The range of my students ranges from EPS-TOPIK, TOPIK to Professional Korean.

The goal of my Korean class is to spread the beauty of the Korean language at a reasonable tuition fee, helping my students maximize their ability to use Korean.

I always strive to deliver structured lessons aimed at improving all 4 sections of Korean (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) as well as a tailored lesson based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

You will use Korean fluently, accurately, and confidently.



I am always available on working days.

I am quite flexible please let me know when you are available. I’ll try to fit into your schedule.


My Korean Language Teaching Experience:

I have a variety of teaching experiences since 2012. I had the opportunity to become a Korean Language Lecturer at BRAC Institute of Languages, Dhaka in 2012, where I taught students of EPS-TOPIK, TOPIK, Undergraduate, and Graduate levels’ students.

In 2018, I joined in Korean Language Department of the Institute of Modern Language, Dhaka University.

I teach students who want to learn Korean as a hobby but also who want to apply to universities in South Korea or need to use Korean for work.


Online Korean Language Courses in Bangladesh

For online classes, students don’t have to worry about preparing a textbook.

I will provide a pdf file plus additional study materials for each lesson.



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