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Le’Veon Bell urges patience amid disappointing Jets season

Le’Veon Bell stayed with the Jets after Tuesday’s trade deadline, and the slumping return proclaimed patience for the fans as the team takes a disappointing 1-6 mark in this week’s game against the winless Miami.

“I need everyone to understand, it takes a process to build a winning program, to build a winning organization. I’m happy as hell to be a New York Jet, Bell said in a video he tweeted on Tuesday. “I am happy to be here despite all the trade rumors and conversations. I’m here and happy to be here.

“But everyone just needs a little patience, just a little patience. If it happened overnight, it would be a bunch of teams that snap their fingers and make it happen. But I understand that it takes a process. “

The $ 52.5 million runnings back, who signed as a free agent during the season, has not made the expected impact after spending last season with Pittsburgh, a total of 349 rushing yards through seven games, including 23 on just nine cars in the Sunday’s loss to Jacksonville.

“I just need all Jets fans, all Jets supporters, from my teammates and myself, I need you all to understand … just keep up with us,” Bell said. “Everything will happen. This is the first year we are together. We have had our first year with our head coach [Adam Gase], the first year with our manager.

“I think Joe Douglas is doing a fantastic job and trying to turn this thing around. Just understand that we will get this ship sailing in the right direction, but I just need everyone to have some patience, just stick with us. I promise we will make it turn around. “