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Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park

August 21, 2019
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Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park probably offers the widest range of animals on this list and offers some that others might such as alpacas, camels, chickens, cockroaches, llamas, leaf cutter ants, rabbits, pigs, tortoises and more exotic ones.

Exotic animals aren’t the only things this safari park in Stirling has to offer – there are also plenty of attractions including boat trips (around Chimp Island and free pedalling), sea lion presentations, the Flying Fox (a tremendous zip line), and the Astraglide (a giant slide).

There are also attractions specific for children, such as the Wooden Fort or the Pirate Ship, bouncy castles, face painting, and a fun fair (for all the family).

The original Blair Drummond House was built in 1715. Sir John Kay, a tea merchant from Glasgow, purchased the house and its surrounding land in 1916. Because he had no sons, Kay passed the property to his nephew Sir John Muir, the grandfather of the park's present owner Jamie Muir. The house was a family home until it was sold to the Camphill Movement, a charity that cares for people with special needs, in 1977.The current Blair Drummond House was built in a new location in 1872 by James Campbell Walker, and again in 1923 by James Bow Dunn after a fire destroyed the previous house.The first reserve features non-carnivorous native African species, such as Grant's zebra, Ankole-Watusi cattle, Guineafowl, Lechwe, Kuduand the Southern white rhinoceros. The rhinos are part of a Europe-wide breeding programme which began in 2004 with the arrival of three young rhinos from Kruger National Park: Dorothy (Dot), Graham and Jane. Dorothy and Graham have gone on to have five calves: in 2007, and 2014. Dot and Graham can still be seen at the park today.

Blair Drummond Safari Park was opened in 1970, with the help of Jimmy Chipperfield, one of Britain's first safari parks (Longleat Safari Park being the first, in 1966).

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