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Joan Oloff Shoes

August 21, 2019
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Podiatrist, shoe designer, and third generation footwear entrepreneur, Joan Oloff has created a line of high fashion handmade shoes with unmatched comfort technology. When you look at Joan Oloff shoes, you will see beautiful, handmade, luxury shoes. When you put them on, however, they will support your feet in a way only thought possible with the use of custom orthotics! Our shoes represent the first time that anyone has truly changed the construction of the luxury shoe. We did not simply add padding; we completely revolutionized both the shoe construction and materials. Join our revolution!


Location of This Business
37 West 57th St, Suite 1102,, New York, NY 10019

BBB File Opened:5/18/2016
Years in Business:6
Business Started:12/31/2012
Type of Entity:Sole Proprietorship

Alternate Business Name

  • Shoe Retailer

Serving Area


Products and Services

Womens Shoes, Shoes, Fashion Shoes, Ladies Shoes, heels, booties, flat shoes
Contact Information
Phone: (408) 874-6371
Address: 37 West 57th St, Suite 1102, , New York, USA, 10019
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