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Port Lympne Wild Animal Park

August 21, 2019
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Over 700 animals, over 90 species, over 600 acres, all of which you can see at Here, you can see Kent’s only giraffe and the largest herd of black rhinos!

There are plenty of other things that may catch your eye too such as the Dinosaur Forest, where you can meet all of your favourite dinosaurs (and maybe feel as though you’re walking through Jurassic Park)!

There is more to Port Lympne than just the safari park – you can stay in one of the luxury lodges or one of the glamping accommodations, so that when you wake up the next day feeling refreshed, you can go right out to explore more of the safari park.

Port Lympne Animal Reserve near the town of Hythe in Kent, England is set in 600 acres (2.4 km2) and incorporates the historic mansion, and landscaped gardens designed by architect Sir Herbert Baker, for Sir Philip Sassoon.

The estate with an Edwardian mansion near Lympne was purchased in 1973 by John Aspinall; the intent was to solve lack of space at the nearby Howletts Wild Animal Park. It was opened to the public in 1976. Since 1984 the animal parks have been owned by a charity (The John Aspinall Foundation, currently led by Damian Aspinall). The collection is known for being unorthodox, for the encouragement of close personal relationships between staff and animals, and for their breeding of rare and endangered species. The park now includes tigers, lions, leopards, gorillas, bears, giraffes and the UK’s largest herd of black rhinos. The facility also plans to release some of the animals into the wild.[1]

Royalty and many other famous people have stayed at the mansion at the centre of the park. The rooms are lavishly decorated and the landscaped gardens have views of Romney Marsh. Other accommodations are also provided in the Park, some in Tiger Lodge, Bear Lodge (glamping), Rhino Lodge, Treehouse Hotel, Hogdeer Creek, Giraffe Lodge (glamping), Pinewood (glamping), Wolf Lodge and Forest Hideaway.[2] [3][4][5] The latest accommodation options are Lion Hall and the 20-bedroom Giraffe Manor.[6]Port Lympne houses many rare and endangered species and the largest breeding herd of black rhinoceros in the UK. As well as Siberian tigers, there are small cats, monkeys, Malayan tapirs, Barbary lions, African hunting dogs and many more, some of which are on the circular walk. There is also an open enclosure near some of the rhinos and colobus monkeys, and the zoo has an 'African Experience' safari trail where visitors are transported on specially modified vehicles around the park to view rhinoceros, giraffe, zebra, deer and wildebeest.

In 2000, a 27-year-old keeper was killed whilst working in the stall of a female Indian elephant called La Petite.[8]

In 2105, the Park moved its herd of Asian elephants following numerous deaths amongst them related to a persistent outbreak of a strain of herpes virus found in captive elephant populations. In 2005, after many years of stillbirths, two infant mortalities, and several premature adult fatalities, the first surviving mother-reared calf, Sittang, succumbed to the virus. This incident occurred one month after an adult female produced a stillborn calf and also perished. Port Lympne's remaining calf, May Tagu, who was born in April 2005, was transferred to Antwerp Zoo following the spate of deaths, along with her mother and one other cow. The remaining adults were moved to Terra Natura in Benidorm, Spain, where many other former Port Lympne elephants reside. This move has allowed the park to focus on its breeding African elephants. Three cows have been moved from Howletts Wild Animal Park, followed soon after by a bull named Kruger from Knowsley Safari Park. Howletts is home to the UK's largest herd of African elephants.

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