Zero To One

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August 27, 2019
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Book Review Going from zero to one means going from nothing to something. This is the greatest leap possible — greater than going from one to 10 or even from one to 100. To go from zero to one is to conjure something into existence from the dark void of oblivion. This is the essence of true innovation. In Zero to One, Peter Thiel draws on his experience at PayPal and Palantir to offer ideas and suggestions for technology startups. Unlocking the power of innovation is the primary goal. In order to reach this goal, the entrepreneur will need to question conventional wisdom, embrace monopoly and capture value for their new enterprise.

A character as well known and controversial as Peter Thiel is at something of a disadvantage as an author. As much as some readers may admire him, others probably do not. The reader shouldn’t allow any such baggage to keep them from reading Zero to One. Taken on its own merits, the book is a well-written, thought-provoking read. The reader should maintain an open mind and evaluate Thiel’s opus critically. Intellectual honesty is challenging, but it can bring the greatest rewards. This book is likely to challenge anyone’s opinions, no matter where they may fall on the political spectrum. Groundbreaking ideas have a way of doing that.

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  • The name of the describes 60% of the book but after reading the book I was shocked cos the book was very good. I read another which felt like this is Always Welcome Wilson Sr.

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