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Ricky Rubio bringing his personality to surprising Phoenix team

Phoenix • Jazz head coach Quin Snyder gives Ricky Rubio much of the credit for his team’s personality during the two seasons he played in Utah.

Ricky Rubio

“It is difficult to exaggerate the effect of Ricky on our group. I think in many ways we touched on his personality; his selflessness, how hard he played, he was very proud, “Snyder said.

He seems to have taken it to the Phoenix Suns as well. The Suns have surprised teams with their good early season efforts, especially considering they were expected to finish last in the Western Conference. But instead, they pulled out a huge win against Sacramento, lost by just one point against the Denver Nuggets on the road, and then blew out L.A. The Clippers – projected as one of the league’s best teams – in Phoenix.

Suns have succeeded despite contradiction in the early season as well. DeAndre Ayton tested positive for a diuretic, which is sometimes used to pass steroid tests. As a result, he got a ban on 25 games from the NBA; The NBA’s player association is appealing. And Rubio himself missed the Clippers game with a knee injury, even though he came back against Utah. When previous Suns teams may have been folded, they had one of their most impressive performances of the year.

But while the team is coming off a massive win, it is still a matchup that Rubio is looking forward to.

“I built good chemistry against them. I still have many friends there. It’s fun to play against your friends, you know, but when the jump ball is up it’s about winning, “Rubio told the Arizona Republic.

And 2018 No. 1 Ayton, before his suspension, chooses how much “fun” it is to play with Rubio.

“You don’t know when the pass is coming. You just have to keep running,” Ayton told the Bright Side of The Sun.

But of course, from his point of view, Snyder didn’t want Rubio to have too much fun against Jazz. Even then he gave warnings.

“It was fun to see him pick up a gold medal this summer, unfortunately at the expense of Donovan [Mitchell], Rudy [Gobert] and Joe [Ingles],” Snyder pointed out, “But it’s hard not to feel good for Ricky’s success.”

“He came to Utah at a unique time and he gave everything he had every night,” Snyder continued. “What he gives comes from within, and you appreciate it.”

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