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Veterans Day 2019: Here’s what’s open and closed

Each year, on November 11, Americans honor the 19.6 million active members and former members of the US service who have gone to war.

Since Veterans Day is a federal holiday, that means that not everyone is open to business. For the busy, the hungry and the bored, that could be a problem.
This year, Veterans Day falls on Monday.
This is what is open and closed:
Target – Regular open hours
Walmart – Regular open hours
Kroger– Regular open hours
Trader Joe’s – Regular Open Hours
Cinemas: open regular hours (and veterans get benefits)
Zoos: open regularly
Shopping centers: most shopping centers and department stores are open. Call your local stores to verify.
FedEx: FedEx offices will be open and operational with normal pickups and deliveries. UPS will also pick up and deliver packages normally.
National parks: the national parks of the USA UU. They are open and will not charge entrance on Veterans Day.
Anything owned by the government, such as DMV and public libraries, will probably be closed.
Banks are generally closed, although ATMs are always available if you need to deposit a check or get some cash.
The United States Postal Service will not deliver mail on Monday, and the United States post offices are also closed.
If you plan to visit a museum, call to make sure they are not closed. Some museums are open on Veterans Day, while others are not.
To confirm if your local favorite places are open, call ahead to check if they are open