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What is the song in the “El Camino” trailer?

Only a few weeks before the premiere of El Camino we have the first full trailer for the Breaking Bad movie.

As a scarred suspect goes Jesse Pinkman on the run and in search of the way from the finale on. When we see him clearing up and venturing back into the desert, we hear a haunting but beautiful, wounded anthem.

 Breaking Bad

The song is called "Black Water" and is performed by Reuben and The Dark. It is the conclusion of the group's 2014 Funeral Sky album and just one example of front man Reuben Bullock's independent and dynamic voice.

"I'm a big fan of Breaking Bad, so it's hard to say how surreal it really is … to see those pictures in my music," Bullock tells RADIO.COM. "The song is also perfect as it was written all the time, I have great respect for all the actors and everyone involved in this show, the music has always been so thoughtful … so strong great honor to be in the trailer. "

The group comes from Canada and is a folk-rock ensemble that specializes in passionate anthems that, they say, "explore the duality of grief and joy." Just like the show itself. The band's debut album was produced by former drummer Florence and the Machine, Christopher Hayden. They prepare their third LP, un | Love to come out next month.

Music was also an important part of Breaking Bad, from the Dave Porter theme to the perfect placement of Tommy James & The Shondell's "Crystal Blue Persuasion" to the final scene with Badfinger's "Baby Blue".

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie premieres on Netflix on October 11th. Directed by the series maker Vince Gilligan.

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